Photography has always been a part of my life. The older I get and the more life throws at me, I have found that getting in my car, rolling the windows down and letting life out and nature in is what has allowed me to capture so many beautiful moments.  The notion of getting lost and stumbling upon something amazing is what fuels my passion. Growing up on acreage in Ohio, I was surrounded by woods and fields to explore teaching me early in life that my solace would always be found in nature.  There is nothing in this world more peaceful than sitting in the middle of nowhere and breathing it all in and letting it all out.

The gift I have been given stems from the people and places I have come from in my life. I would not be who I am in this world without my family.

My late grandparents, Ben and Mary Groves were not only integral role models and mentors, but also a great source of inspiration. Grove Aesthetic Photography is a tribute to Ben and Mary and a dream come true for me.

Photography will take me through every step of my life and I am so excited to uncover what’s behind each and every bend in the road. Thank you to my angels for showing me the way.